Thursday, January 3, 2008

When is this gonna end ... sigh

When is this gonna end ... sigh

Well today used my sb600 flash with a DIY white umbrella to shoot this photo. Converted the shot to sepia. I think it's a better photo then the previous 2 days, however, Mus is not in a very good mood today. ....

Did some settings to my camera before shoot (after reading this article Understanding the Nikon D200 Multi Cam 1000 AF Module):
Optimize Imgae : Custom
Tone Compensation : Medium High
Saturation : Moderate
Sharpening : Medium High

Nikon D80,
Built in flash TTL-BL
Off-camera flash TTL-BL (+1.0EV) through umbrella,
Tamron 90mm f2.8D
Focus : AF-C
Focus Area Mode : Single
Aperture : f6.3
Shutter : 1/100s
Exp Mode : Manual
ISO : 100
Metering : Multi Pattern

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