Saturday, November 20, 2010

Langkawi - 14-17 December 2010

Depart from Senai International Airport to KL LCCT by Air Asia
Transfer to KLIA for a flight to Langkawi by Air Asia
Accomodation will be at Century Suria Serviced Suite (4 days 3 nights)
Will be renting a car from Langkawi Airport
Explore the island of Langkawi

Places of Interest

A holiday on the idyllic isle of Langkawi is just that... A holiday!
Whether you simply wish to soak in the sun and do absolutely nothing... or, join in the fun and do just about everything!
In Langkawi, you can do so without a care in the world. Be it a round of golf on one of the world's most challenging courses or some shopping on this duty-free heaven, everything you'll ever need will be taken care of.
Quietly, unassumingly and unobtrusively... that's the way things are done here in Langkawi.

Pulau Payar Marine Park
It is a sanctuary for a multitude of marine life. The park offers beautiful beaches, an underwater observatory chamber for those who do not dive or snorkel. But, for the divers... it is pure paradise.

Langkawi Cable Car
The station located within the Oriental Village complex. Savour the fascinating view of the Andaman Sea and Langkawi Island atop a 360-degree compass platform...

Langkawi Wildlife Park
Come and discover the world of birds and nature at our bird and animal sanctuary. With hundreds of the planet’s rarest and most beautiful feathered-creatures greeting visitors as they stroll through tropical-landscaped gardens showcasing well over 3,000 birds of some 150 different species from all around the globe...

Underwater World Langkawi
The largest in Asia, features more than 5,000 marine and fresh-water fishes...

Snake Sanctuary
A beautiful Parkland with an undulating setting is home to this collection of venomous and non-venomous snakes from all over the world...

Oriental Village
Was specially designed and crafted to provide a new concept in resort duty-free shopping. More than 30 speciality outlets offer a diverse variety and range of brands and products.

  Laman Padi
Is Langkawi's latest attraction and one that should not be missed for agro-tourism lovers. Showcasing the history, heritage and development of the nation's rice growing industry.

Seven Wells
Located at Burau Bay, on the slopes of Mt. Cincang, this 91-meter high seven-level waterfall is truly spectacular and a must-see for all nature lovers...

Durian Perangin Waterfall
Located a few km away from Padang Lalang, this pleasant little waterfall can be reached via a short treck through the rainforest...

Crocodile Farm
The farm itself has one of the largest number of crocodile and alligator species in the world. You will witness a unique boxing match between man and crocodile, or you can take a ride in a rickshaw drawn by a croc ! Make friends with Bujang Kawi, the oldest inmate weighing over 1,000 pounds...

The lake of The Pregnant Maiden
This lake is a must in your itinerary with its fascinating geological features coupled with the mysterious legends and myths. It is believed that barren women who drink the water from this lake will conceive...

Mahsuri Mausoleum
A white-marble mausolium marks the spot where Mahsuri lies buried. It is situated in a village amidst padi fields. It also bears testimony to the powerful effect Mahsuri had and still has on this island. A village house on stilts, documenting the family history of Mahsuri, as well as displaying lifestyles of 'historical Langkawi', like ancient tools, artifacts and music can be found on the grounds of the mausoleum.

Galeria Perdana
Is the aspiration of Dato' Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and his wife Datin Seri Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali. It was built as a repository for the various awards, souvenirs and gifts received from world leaders and statesmen throughout his tenure as the Prime Minister of Malaysia...

Air Hangat
The spot where the hot water thrown by the feuding giants spilled onto the ground turned into a hot spring... as the legend goes! Air hangat or hot water is the name appropriately given to the area which survived to this day. This hot spring has long been revered by folks in Langkawi as a venerable fountain of myriad cures.

Dataran Helang
This is a place where a 12-meter high sculpture of an eagle, which is the symbol of Langkawi, rests. Its a cool place for people to relax and revel the scenery of the sea as the ferries ply across the harbour at Jetty Kuah.

Langkawi Legend On The Park
Come see the legends and myths... in sculptures! They say, a picture is worth a thousand words... so, how much for a sculpture? Its like walking through a fairy-tale book...

 Pasar Malam (Night Market)
This is a place where all the locals gather, selling daily use goods and local Malay foods. It's just like a market place but just that they don't sell fresh fishes or vegetables here. This kind of night market is available 5 nights a week but in deferent locations such as Kuah Town, Kedawang, Ulu Melaka, Air Hangat, Padang Matsirat. The best part of it, is the food, there are variety kind of food which will make you fingers licking. If you decide to catch one, please make sure to ask the locals where the night market is being held on that day. The largest night market is held in Kuah Town every Saturday and Wednesday at 7.00pm to 11.00pm.

Will update with photos when we get back to Singapore

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